Impactist 2010 Reel: No Context

Impactist’s latest montage is “comprised of over 50 projects taken entirely out of context.”


About the author

Matt Hunter Ross

2007 SCAD grad - MFA Broadcast Design & Motion Graphics.

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This shit is FRESH.


Nice edit.


it’s sad that a nice body of work is edited in a horrible way. I don’t get why people chose to edit to music rather than present their work in a decent fashion. To each his own obviously but i feel the attention to detail that they present in their work is completely lost in this context — struggled to make it to the end.


Agreed, this shit is certainly fresh! (I like the edit – makes me want delve deeper, that’s the point of a montage aint it?)


Loved it. Amazingly talented couple.


Normally I’m not a fan, but I really enjoyed the edit. Good stuff!

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