Leon Wang’s Terminator Gone Berserk!

Leon Wang (or Guo Liang Wang), made this gem in his spare time, to keep his skills sharp after he became a production manager at a games’ company.  Says Leon ‘I use both MS and Apple’ but like many of us, he has a certain buried angst against the latter! Brilliant comic timing amidst the hullaballoo about that Apple’s black-ops attitude about that particular leakage. Well done, Leon.

(via Engadget)

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thanks Lilian, really happy to see my video here


Nice composition and animation, but lame story, Bin Laden could have written this, don’t you think. He would have used USA flag instead of Apple logo.
Well, since when to steal goods is a great thing?

Microsoft is richer than Apple after all, if Microsoft can go after people who use its game console for shenanigans why cant Apple protect its intellectual propriety?

Glad tibetans are not into violent protest.

And it is ironic for an artist to back a capitalist corporation when protesting for more freedom.

Lilian Darmono

Hahahahahahha, jesus, mate, lighten up. Did you not read the post? He uses MS and Apple. And for us nerds, Apple Vs Microsoft is like the best, longest-running, ‘dad’ joke ever….I thought / presume that people who read this blog understand that.. apparently not. My bad.


Apple Vs. Microsoft…eh that rivalry in corporate terms is really kind of done. After all if it wasn’t for Microsoft, Apple would be out of business. insofar as the animation, nice job on the T3, but lots of holes overall, and it seem like at the end after all that hard work…that explosion cheapens the experience.


You think this is art?

I think so.
Art devoid of meaning is rubbish.

I actually think this is not about Apple and Microsoft, judging by the portrait of Mr. Jobs holding the iPad, and his site being all Flash and the jarring consumerism of the rising Chinese middle class …
I wrote my readings from all that, which is clear on this piece.

You are free to read what you want, i also can claim free will.

Seems like to you his statement – this piece – is nothing but a little game, a joke, to me it is art.
It has a meaning.

I criticize the meaning, which i find misleading.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Yeah I don’t get that this is about anything. I certainly don’t get why the Terminator is panhandling at the beginning … Supposed to be in disguise? That might’ve made a better twist.


thanks ,and i have a few points to present, i am not sure if you understand the date of Jan.27 2010 on the short video, and I made a hint on my website with an ipad image, that’s say, it’s the ipad unveil day, that’s why the terminator attack apple store at that day. i don’t want to mislead anyone, and i think i don’t have that ability. seems i have to remove the date hint from my site to avoid some misleading.


man, i think you go too far with the short movie, too far, you can think more, you are free to think, but i wanna say, that’s what i meant.


Modelling and stuff was really good, but it was awfully boring.


I have to agree. Seems like such a waste of energy and time to do all that great
VFX work for such a lame script. Wouldn’t be hard to come up with something a bit more interesting.


I must say I’ve enjoyed it but I also consider it’s length to be it’s main disadvantage.
The recharging scene could have be been more “graphic”.
And yeah, I laughed at the ending :)

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