Frankie De Leonardis

boolab recently teamed up with agency Young & Rubicam Madrid to create a whimsical three-spot testimonial campaign for financial services company BBVA. Directed by Frankie De Leonardis, each spot stars a different Spanish celebrity relating the story of their life to BBVA’s 59+ program for seniors.

We first bumped into De Leonardis’ work via the epic Season 6 Lost promo he directed for Spanish network Cuarto last year. Visually, that project is so radically different from the BBVA work that I wanted find out a little more about this eclectic filmmaker.

Read on for our Q&A with Frankie De Leonardis and a making-of video for the BBVA campaign…


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I know Frankie for many years ago, and I must say that is one of the most skilled, energetic and dedicated directors I ever seen.
Congrats Frankie, you deserve it.

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