Impossible Dream 1.5

Ivan Zacharias and W+K reunite for Honda’s Impossible Dream.



This is some front page business. Might not have the CG wizardry common to motionographer, but this commercial is great. Complete, epic Honda mythology in a smoothly edited 2 1/2 minutes. Awesome. They just branded the eff’ out of themselves.

I own a Mini Cooper, but Hondas are looking tasty right now.

To bad this commercial probably won’t see a full US release.


you would be surprised at just how much cg is used. The skill lies in how they managed to fool you into thinking its not there.

to quote The Mills own website
“Although one could primarily describe the film as “in-camera”, cosmetic work was done though-out. Among other things, much work was done to help continuity, given that it was shot on no less than four continents. Distant mountains were added though-out, perhaps most effectively during the powerboat sequence, which was actually shot off the coast of Barcelona. A flock of seagulls were added to driving shots, as the wild fowl “decided” not to appear on cue.

Much as the actor, Simon Day, was game for a laugh, it clearly wasn’t practical, or safe, to place him in the powerboat or Formula One cars, not to mention appearing from the depths of a waterfall in a hot-air balloon. He was shot, therefore, lip-syncing in a remote field in New Zealand, and then added later. Of course this involved tracking the camera shake and adding CG reflections/ shadow work to him and his crash- helmet.

Our good friends at the BACC, although blown-away by Mike Hawthorn’s TT racing bike, kindly asked for the footage to be more race-like, so as a result, bunting and a few banners were later added to the 3 mile stretch of road.”

There used to be a making of video showing the process but i couldnt find the link for it.

For me, this kind of cg work is much more impressive than anything thats obvious.


Boca Ceravolo

I second that. :-)


that was awesome

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