Maxim Zhestkov: RECURSION

RECURSION is a new film that comes from Russia-based director Maxim Zhestkov.

His films exude the quality you would expect from a world-class studio but with a certain trace of characteristic that only an artist could produce.

And this time is no exception: elegant, simple and beautiful.

Q&A with Maxim Zhestkov



This guy is quickly becoming the master of abstract 3D. Thanks for the Q&A, very interesting to read.


Always enjoy his work but this looks too similar to his other short Modul. Quickie IMHO.

Babe Baker

Nice interview guys, been curious about his work for a while now.


looks cool, I like the choice of the wide screen format and the camera movement


great comeback, i loved that aspect ratio too :)


I’ll read the interview later.


———> I do not think this is abstract. It is very fiscal as emotional.

The narrative is very direct, you are sucked into, you are part of the narrative.
This is pure cinema.

It reads like the encounter of two civilization or entities, and the viewer is one of them.

Only it is very optimistic.

I love Moebius ( )comics, and this young man reminds me of all those crazy things Jean Giraud did, in which words are not necessary.

And Recursion ( related to Mathematics & Linguistics, therefore affection and the body that holds it, hey i am not an intellectual! ) is a great title!




That’s the beauty of this type of work, it’s open to interpretations :)


—->Sorry the typo!

I meant Physical Not Fiscal.
Believe it or not i owe nothing to IRS.


Did it bug anyone else that the kubrick-esque corridor was curving the wrong way? You’d be walking on the ceiling.

Sure, it’s not a big thing but it did somewhat hollow the experience for me because it makes me feel that the author didn’t know why it was designed that way to begin with it … so it felt very derivative.

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