Absolute Post for Goldfrapp: “Alive”

LEGS / Rokkit channel Olivia Newton John in the latest video for Goldfrapp, Alive. (VFX by Absolute)



love goldgrapp and like the video… but posted on motionographer?
i think this is purely because it’s goldfrapp.
any lesser artist in the same video never would have been posted.
i’ve been away for a bit, so maybe i missed something..
but there let’s keep the quality of work to a higher standard.
AND let’s keep it motiongraphics..

Brandon Lori

The idea that this is an established group had nothing to do with us posting it, whatsoever. In truth, there’s always overlap in terms of “what is motion graphics,” so oftentimes, it’s an up-in-the-air call. A fine distinction between what “is” and “isn’t” qualified as motion graphics simply does not exist, so recurrently, it’s subjective. As always, readers are welcome to submit work of exceptional quality with lesser name recognition and it would be given the same treatment, so please, don’t hesitate to bring something to our attention (submit@motionographer.com)!


point well taken.. thanks for the clarification.. as i said, i’ve been away for a while.. and yes, we all have our definitions of motion graphics. one last point – if thom yorke says “check this out” you will certainly give more attention than if thom smith presents the same – you can’t fight human nature.. all good. i dig the video.


wow, that was pure rubbish.

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