AOL Phase #2

AOL Phase #2



Id like to watch these but im still on my 56k dial-up trial CD I got in the mail. AOL’s marketing team must be smoking some major crystal. The kind of people this type of art would appeal to are not the same people who would be using AOL’s services.

As modern as these look, I still get a major 90’s vibe from most of them…


Not sure this is the venue to critique the marketing of aol. Check here for a bit more context.

I think the spots are gorgeous and I’m still in awe as to how they were able to convince the folks at aol that the logo can sit in this transient negative space. Nice work as always.


Wow AOL is still around?
I guess i’m not such a fan. Casting/wardrobe in the first 2 don’t feel right. The graphics/fx work feels boring and the music feels like stock.


Absolutely beautiful. Clean, elegant, and extremely well done. I love these. And just so everyone knows, Aol. is still huge and has a part in a lot of things. The days of dial-up are dead, but Aol. the company keeps kicking through other means.

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