Physalia: MAD MMX Titles

Barcelona-based trio, Physalia, was recently given the opportunity to create the opening titles for MADinSpain 2010 (MAD MXX).

After having a chance to see the titles premiered live and catch up with the guys behind Physalia (Pablo Barquín, Marcos Coral and Mauro Gimferrer), I can honestly say that both the titles and the ethos behind the collective embody the spirit that will continue to push this industry forward. Done on a shoe-string budget but with an emphasis on experimentation, the titles follow suit with some of the other great collective-launching pieces of the last few years.

Though I like the look of the titles, it’s not their aesthetic that excites me as much as it is Pysalia’s approach to process and creative enthusiasm.

In times of economic restrictions and an a over-saturated European marketplace, this group has a lot of odds against them. This has not stifled, but rather given birth to a spirit of experimentation in their studio. Building their own rig, with a scanner developed by Kyle McDonald, they injected their own DIY touch creating a digital piece with a very personal touch.

Their also currently in the process of fabricating their own real-time motion control system proving that there is not excuse to not just “make it happen”.

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C’moon people, 5 stars!


i find the aesthetic highly successful and works appropriately with the digital music. the work is reminiscent of raster-noton’s visual mark and perhaps ryoichi kurokawa.

i find the 3d body cut, while highly nice, could have been better integrated. it feels like too much of a segue, like they tried to diversify the generative feel.

the process is equally amazing.

+1 barcelona

Carlos Gálvez

I agree with defasten, The body part (visually impressive) is not related enough. But, for me, the main problem is the rhythm.
Anyway it’s a great piece. The ones that Lambert showed in the festival were really interesting too.


Matt – when you say it was done on a shoe string, are you talking an amount that would sustain an agency / group such as themsleves, or something that was near enough done from the good of their hearts? I’m interested to know, as more and more people (clients) seem to play the card of wanting “something beautiful” and “something to be proud of” etc etc but will offer very little money in return for this privelage. Fair play to these guys for making it work either way, but I hope they were recompensed as they should have been.


While I’m all for experimentation and pushing boundaries / expanding what is possible. I’d love to hear what the concept behind this was. I think the process is impressive, but to what end? The sequence as a whole doesn’t come across as very cohesive to me & it seems that most of what was presented could have been done using AE & C4D rather than building that rig. In the end though, did it have visually appealing elements to it? Yes-


Ummmm.. HELL YES!!! so freakin good!
Rhythm +Type+Confusion always makes killer titles.
definite props.


Nice work. I especially like the body-cutaway sequences.

Do have to say though, the particle clips are pretty blatantly from this tutorial on AEtuts+

Still nice work. Just not totally original.

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