And the Nominees Are…

The 2010 Emmy Awards for Best Main Title Sequence are as follows in alphabetical order…

Curious Pictures for Bored To Death • HBO
Tom Barham – Director, Marci Ichimura – Compositing/Animation, Dean Haspiel – Illustrator

Imaginary Forces for Human Target • FOX
Karin Fong – Creative Director, Jeremy Cox – Art Director, Cara McKenny – Creative Lead

Imaginary Forces for Nurse Jackie • Showtime
Steve Fuller – Creative Director, Mark Gardner – Creative Director, Corey Weisz – Editor, Cara McKenny – Creative Lead

Imaginary Forces for The Pacific • HBO
Steve Fuller – Art Director, Ahmet Ahmet – Art Director, Peter Frankfurt – Art Director, Lauren Hartstone – Designer

Shine for Temple Grandin • HBO Films
Creative Director – Michael Riley, Designer/Animator – Zee Nederlander & Dru Nget, Creative Lead – Bob Swensen

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I vote for Bored to Death; very dynamic and well put together, never a dull moment.

Nurse Jackie for runner up.

The Pacific and Human Target are more of the same stuff that comes out all the time, not very interesting.


it’s got to be bored to death.


They are all beautifully executed!

A title should inspire us, move us, want us to watch more and for me I find all of that in The Pacific Main Title. From the story, to the artistry, to the music, is all one gorgeous piece.


Hey all, John from Curious Pictures here–just FYI, we’ve put up a bigger and better video for “Bored To Death” at that link.

Thanks so much for the kind words.

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