Boutiq for WWF

Boutiq for WWF


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Clean OUR water, fertilize OUR soil, pollinate OUR flowers… well lets keep thinking like this and we will destroy OUR planet.

Ryan Rothermel

diogo, im not sure what you’re trying to get at. but please keep your comments in regards to the work.


Ryan, this comment is totally about the work, this is a communication piece, and I’m talking about this sh*t concept that is supposed to be eco friendly and reply the same kind of message of “eco cars” which is another bullsh*t, sorry if I didn’t understand that this blog is just about softwares and techniques and not about communication.
so first wake up, take a shower, a healthy breakfast and chill out.

Ryan Rothermel

i think you’re failing to see the concept. theyre talking about bugs fertilizing the earth, not humans with pesticides.


OK, thats a point of view. My point of view they still doing wrong, they could have used words as “some clean THE water…” and not OUR water, because we are not the owners of the water, and these animal doesn’t need to be preserved just because they “work” for us, but because they are part of the ecosystem and they are extremely necessary as all other species, I saying the because this piece come from the World Wide Fund for Nature, and they should be the way they put the idea is more like we need to save these creatures just because they work for us. Well, that’s my point of view, and I was triyng to put this with a little of sense of humor.


i know what you are getting at, but it still seems ok to me. by saying “our water” i think it stresses the fact that we rely more on these insects to do stuff for us, than they rely on us.
they couldnt give two shits about us, but they are important for OUR water we use.. etc.etc… seems fine with me really.


sticking to the work… strangely similar to Stardust’s Shell series


…or the countless other watercolor ink transition effect animations?
Stardust was certainly not the first in that style. It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s quite well done.


agreed, I never said Stardust were the first ones, colour palette just seemed familiar.


Let’s just say… “heavily inspired by” :)


Nice work, just scary that a corporation like Shell uses the same look as an environmental organization like WWF. I actually think that it suits WWF’s brand communication better than Shell’s, so thumbs up for Boutiq.


Good work it is not a visual innovation but still looks nice and memorable, BUT i fell the message is quite odd, because this planet does not belong to humans, but humans have more impact on the planet than any other creature, so WE must do something to help THE planet instead OUR planet.

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