Channel Y

After a year and a half of blood, sweat, tears, and frankly a ‘lil procrastination, YYY / Channel Y is re-launched. With more people experiencing the web on TV and TV on the web, this new iteration of Yes Yes Y’all is right where it needs to be. As one of the first passive experiences online, the site resembles what MTV once represented – a fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.

At a party. Lounging on the couch. Seeking the new. Finding the inspirational. This is how YYY is to be embraced. Music has long been the basis of the site, and as visual artists it’s a natural evolution to have innovative eye-candy creep into the mix. After all, in many, many cases, the beauties of each are not mutually exclusive.

Bumpers have been created by the YYY team and are meant to function as segues into the curated content so keep an eye out for those as you consume the content from the site. If you are interested in working with YYY to create some of these bumpers or unique content that will be featured on the channel, be sure to reach out to them on the site, they’d love to hear from you.