Savas Ozay: “Weather Tests”

Weather Tests, by Savas Ozay, is an experimental film that illustrates the physics of each season.




The Four Seasons is a classic abstraction exercise, something all designers should do. (Kinda like the bouncing ball for animators.)

Really loved Savas’ take on it. Bravo.


While it’s very nice visually and from the concept and idea I think it is let down by technical execution of the physics simulation. The simulations just look very basic “first quick test” like


I would agree — I think sometimes its good to experiment and make animations to make them, without testing we don’t learn. But comments wouldn’t be comments if we didn’t point those things out eh? Lots of GI flicker, liquid flicker. but nice concept to play with, i like the sets and lighting.


clever, nice!


Execution is ok, idea isn’t something fresh. 2 of 5 is proper score.

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