Motion Theory: Target “A Better Bullseye”

Target has good taste. By enlisting Motion Theory, the studio has left its mark on the rich history of Target advertising and embarked on a project that sets itself apart from the usual Motion Theory repertoire—creating a different approach for the themselves and a fresh perspective for the client.

In A Better Bullseye, the studio has delivered a piece that fits easily into the Target aesthetic, but remains unique. Gone are the typical Warholian graphics and pop-art visuals of previous Target campaigns; in are the good, old fashioned methods of character based advertising.

By setting the location of the spot in a factory, the piece hopes to convey the spirit of teamwork and efficiency that keep the Target brand strong and healthy. Beginning with an establishing shot of the famous bullseye, factory employees work together to fully stock the towering icon like a refrigerator. The attention to detail, as explained by director Chris Riehl, was not to be ignored:

“The team and I explored every possible detail you see from the memorable cast of characters to the host of strangely specific heavy machinery and vehicles which we hope comes through when watching the spot.”

The character design of the piece—like the Target aesthetic—is distinctively retro and in many ways, resembles the 60’s style design of Pixar’s, The Incredibles. In a production schedule described as “condensed,” the team of artists—similar to the factory workers in the spot—worked feverishly to create something high-end for a mega-mart that has a commitment to good design.




The detail is stunning!


ugh, the happy factory crap again. seems like everybody has moved on except the agencies.

on a technical level you wouldn’t expect anything less from mt


As per Justin Cone’s advice, I accepted the internship here at Target HQ this summer. As an interactive designer, it’s refreshing to see such a high detail piece come from a large corporation. I’ve seen the storyboards of this around the office but it’s great to finally see it featured here. Shout out to Justin! Thanks for the advice good sir.


Boooring. Competent of course, boring concept, just like TarGhetto.

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