M.I.A’s trashy vid for XXXO

Arabic WordArt + girly glitter graphics + trashy collages + mid-90s Java effects = M.I.A’s latest video, obviously, from Laundry and HELLO!



5 stars. Irony perfected.


Oh wow… I worked on a Music video, about 6 months ago, that looks way too similar to this.

Hmm, you be the judge.


I guess both videos are a piss take of a nowadays retro trash style, so of course they look similar as none of them is original. Still the Mia video is executed much better.


Thanks for your insight.


Bump this front page status! This is fire!


I can assure you we never saw your video argo. Here is a link to a vimeo clip of it and some of the stills that went into getting to where we got to.



No worries… I didn’t mean to sound accusatory, I just thought that there were some strong similarities. Also, I wouldn’t really say the other video was “my video”, I just helped out a little to wrap it up. Good work anyways…


Hey PJ, I think you confused me with heybenhey. I think this MIA video should be a front pager, featured. I’m digging it, like I said it’s fire. I like heybenhey’s too, capturing internet meme culture like these two videos do is pretty dope. It captures the style and culture of that certain web vibe well. Rocking shit PJ. Fucking rocking.


oh my bad. thank you for the mind words and the unkind words from others. Both are right.


This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen!
Sorry guys, I can understand the humor, but this is really horrible!


Oh but just to give love where it’s due, we gotta give props to Paper Rad on their visual explorations of this style fo sho. Fo sho. Paz.


This looks exactly like half of the girls Myspace pages from my high school’s graduating class.

5 stars!


MIA has brought it. Klassy (with a K) in a tongue and cheek fashion.

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