Jonny Kofoed for PAMS

New Zealand-based Director Jonny Kofoed recently put out a series of über sweet animated spots for PAMS for the NZ-market.

Meticulously designed and animated, the spots are an ode to Pams’ food products. Filled with simple, food-shaped characters they live in a vintage, yet contemporary world. The combination and contrast of analog/digital textures and simple 3D characters that seamlessly blend into 2D make for a friendly, home-cooked food aesthetic, reminiscent of the friendliness of your local greengrocer. (Make sure to begin from “For The Love of Food” and continue on to the other two shorter spots.)

Jonny was kind enough to answer a few questions about the project. Read the Q&A here.

Make sure to check out the behind the scenes and pre-production material on Jonny’s site, loads of amazing stuff there!

Big thanks to fellow author Lilian Darmono for the extra help with the post!