Blur: “DC Universe”

This amazing 5 minute CG trailer for the upcoming “DC Universe Online” video-game almost slipped past our radars.

Brought to life by Blur Studio, it features Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, Metallo, The Green Lantern, Giganta, Black Adam, Batman, The Flash, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Artemis, The Joker, Harley Queen, Superman and Brainiac (…phew!) all together, epically battling it out on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

With pure balls to the wall awesomeness including Superman with red eyes; it just doesn’t get more badass than this! If only DC could make their features as good as their game trailers…




not very intellectually stimulating, but nice graphics…


Not everything has to have some wanky “intellectual” or pro-social message to it…
This peice does a good job of pulling me into a fantasy world full of action and excitement; that’s enough to keep me entertained and appreciate it.


personally i just thought it was just TOO much.. probably because i was unfamiliar with half the actors in it, but halfway through i got bored and didnt care much anymore.. eyecandy or not.


Definitely some hard hits in that one, but I think for the overall package, the Dragon Age trailers have been really quite exceptional.

Boca Ceravolo

Yes, they are exceptional indeed. :-)


Nice trailer but the Dragon Age trailers kick way more ass.


I loved it. But that’s my comics fan side screaming.. i have to say, after analysing it more carefully i understand why some people didn’t like it so much. There’s a lot of insights from the comics but bringing a new perspective over the stories, So basically if you are not into super-heroes shit you probabbly won’t like it as much.Can’t complaing about the graphics, liked it very much. Anyone can complain about that? Liked the character design as well.


Nearly every shot looks a little bit like I’ve seen it a million times in the past. A bit like a montage from classic action shots and a bit too much of it for me. Apart from that it’s a great work: the character design and animation, the whole scene and the mood that results from it are really nice.


Overall it was good. I think blur has mastered the destruction effects with particles and fumefx. Two things that bothered me. One I felt like alot of the animation lacked weight. Especially look at the scenes with wonder women.
I also felt the lighting was bad in a a few really key scenes. It seemed more flat instead really pulling out the characters when we needed it most.
But really, I’m picky…..awesome spot guys!!


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