Music Video Round-Up (Creature Edition)

Here’s three four pieces of odd, “creature-driven” music (yes they’re still relevant) video work from some of our favorites to get your Wednesday going.

First up, the legend, Tom Kuntz, makes a return to music videos after a hiatus that involved picking up an Emmy for his hugely successful Old Spice work. For MGMT, this piece lacks none Tom’s signature quirk, but uses it to summon tears versus laughter — well maybe a few laughs.

This second vid is now a couple weeks old, but a fitting companion to Kuntz’s. Andrea Nilsson, a director who continues to secure his rank in the upper echelon of video directors. With a current VMA nomination for his last MGMT vid, this piece for Yeasayer pits pathos and the absurd against each other with a brilliant balance that continues to become Nilsson’s signature in storytelling.

This late edition just came in it and seemed it had to join the lot. Daniel Fickle and his crew at Two Penguin Productions continue the thread with their video for Portland Cello Project. (Thanks for the tip, Magee)

On a somewhat light note, Colonel Blimp and JMD bring you talking babies (with mustaches) — enough said.