Trevor McMahan for Menomena

Trevor McMahan (Rabbit) for Menomena: Dirty Cartoon

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London



Although it’s pretty transparent as faked chance filming, it loses it’s magic completely to realize this is done by a commercial director. The better the ‘viral’, the more I resent it. Good song though.


hmm, that seems pretty naive, skeletor. what music video director hasn’t made commercials? it’s the way people like this can afford to make innovative films like this one. and while we could debate whether the filmmakers intended this to be “chance filming” or not, it is without a doubt incredibly magical. i wish there were more like it. oh, and you’re totally right, good song.


I think it’s awesome.

Perfect accompaniment to a song that already feels like part of a soundtrack to the city and subway dwellers. Watching it i’d like to believe it really happened, and this portion of the track was conjured randomly, tailored to fit that one specific moment.


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