ZEROING by Andrey Nepomnyaschev.


henry grey

The only word that comes to mind…. exceptional.
This should be exhibited on a very very large cinema screen.

Brandon Lori

Very beautiful. I love the limited color palette.


that’s completely BAD-ASS! completely!


Astrophysics visualisation.
Time indeed equals time.

Beautiful visualization of the rip of time/space caused by a supernova.

Why you guys from Russia insist in poetizing science?


Great sense of motion in both object-wise and camera-wise senses, loved illustration touch to it, I think you pushed Max Zhestkov’s style in new direction, creating something totally different, great work! Makes me proud of my country (very rare occasion to tell the truth)


Yup I’d rather say its collaboration of Zhestkov’s an Korngold’s ( art. Anyways, good one!


It’s not pushing anything other than my patience with these pseudo-abstract pieces. Why do people enjoy seeing spheres and grids being deformed in one way or another along some ambient soundtrack?

It’s just good eye-candy material for some software or plugins. I wish people spent more time coming up with ideas and not making the software be the star.

Haha, I sound quite cranky lately. Sorry people. It’s THAT time of the year.


hey col, (mr. cranky) give me a link to what you have done lately. hum?


There is nothing abstract in the piece.

Have you ever heard or Albert Einstein’s E=mC2, see here ––energy_equivalence.
The piece is about it,

Time is space, the proof that Newton was wrong about gravity (a tissue distort by mass)!
And the piece even gave us a beautiful supernova.

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