Save The Arts Gets the Shrigley Treatment

The legendary David Shrigley takes the arts to that place of the mildly disturbing and mundane that he knows so well. The piece is in support of the Save The Arts campaign which is attempting to stop a proposed 25% cut on UK government arts funding.

(via CR)

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Matt Lambert

NYC / London



I like the message, and the presentation. :)


Why is the New Halo spot not here?????????? PLease post please post please post!!


Nobody wants to see a Halo movie. It’s a myth. Halo has absolutely no substance.

Just look at what happened to Resident Evil. And that game had a lot more substance to it.

I wanna watch a movie with a glass of wine, if i can’t do that it’s a real bad movie.


Did you read my comment? I want the New Halo Spot posted in Motionographer because it’s beautiful! I said nothing about a movie…??


This isn’t the right place to talk about what you want to see. Please be respectful and email Motionographer writers for that matter, instead of commenting on a post that is intended to showcase other people’s valuable work.


I’ve got ot agree with Myaka on this one – it’s a real snoozer! Anthony, get out of the waaay! Now you’re covered in muck, you dafty!

I love the use of character to make the points – works very well in creating a memorable piece.




Are you for real? What don’t you like about the new halo spot?


I can prove my point but there is SO no need in it.
And this isn’t really right place.
In fact, it is so boring I’m completely ignoring overall great execution of a shot.
Complete waste of talented’s people time.

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