Hunter Gatherer: “REDU”

With a portfolio built on scavenged items and handmade craft, Hunter Gatherer has created what is the closest they may ever come to a public service announcement. In REDU, the humble studio assumes a civic role by lauding efforts toward American education reform. But more to the point, it’s a great piece — and the studio hasn’t touted a call-to-action since GreenNYC. As usual, they make it look easy, but think again. Looks can be deceiving.

While the informative, 2-minute production shows signs of simplicity, the reality was quite complex. With over 1,000 woodcut blocks, the labor intensive setup —staying true to Hunter Gatherer credo— remains rough and improvised. Through the mature, restrained nature of the work, the visuals are thoughtfully simple while its message is made to inform. And although the work of Hunter Gatherer has always been art school cool, never before has it been so candid on real issues. This is a good fit and allows them to do what they do best: keep it simple.

Amid all the big budget productions that have eclipsed the humble beginnings of motion graphics, the work of Hunter Gatherer, as they’ve proven in REDU, remains small by design; for all the expensive, flashy CG can’t hide their secondhand heart.

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Client: Redu / Bing
Agency: CAA Marketing
Production Company: HunterGatherer