Mike Landry’s 2010 Reel

Solid new reel from Mike Landry full of clever audio nuance

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Matt Lambert

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Very nice reel with some great unexpected visuals, and this sound idea was very original, but to tell the truth, I turned this sound off and played reel again in silence to actually watch it properly, because soundwork like this really distracts from picture itself by overloading brain with flow of waste information.


A very tight and well cut reel from Mike. Landry. A very assured set of visuals that really showcase a very versatile set of skills. Well done Mike!
Worth more than all those diamonds that come in at the end there!


I guess if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all


only happy ego stroking comments, please….


Solid edit, fun audio. Nice!

I bet Landry and Edison have even had a beer together before.

Brian Walsh

That sheep sound at the end haunts my dreams.


can’t view website because it’s infected by HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus

(scanned with nod32)

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