More Subtly Surreal Sexuality from Kristoffer Borgli

More Subtly Surreal Sexuality from Kristoffer Borgli for Serena-Maneesh

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Beautifully shot, horrifying, and sexy, I dig it. Great storytelling too, taking the preppy violence of Funny Games and contrasting it with young love while throwing in just enough sci-fi and vagary to let the viewer have fun with it.

henry grey

Is this some kind of early April Fool’s day joke?


I saw these guys play in Philly a few weeks ago. It was an odd set where the female vocalist didn’t even show up. They just jammed out without much of any vocals.

This video pretty accurately captures their personality from what I could tell.

Yet, I am a little surprised to see it on Motionographer. What part of this is mo-graph? Just the film and subtle special effects?

Matt Lambert

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