Playgrounds Festival 2010

Playgrounds describes itself as a festival for innovative and creative digital art. During the two-day festival in Tilburg, Playgrounds presents an impression of the latest developments in technology as well as creativity. The festival program offers an inspiring mix of inventive films, documentaries, animation, graphic design, artist talks, character design and performances.

Playgrounds was a joy and surely measures up to the big festivals in the world. Allthough the festival is held in a small town called Tilburg (South of The Netherlands) it’s speakers reflex bigness. From big directors like Pierre Coffin (Despicable Me) and Rex Crowle (Little Big Planet) to powerhouses like Mini Vegas and Zeitguised. Furthermore there were Nexus, The Blackheart Gang, Shy the Sun, David Wilson, our own Matt Lambert, Champagne Valentine, Radical Friend and BIF to complete it.
It was nice to see every speaker had their own style, their own story of success and their own piece of advice. The motto seemed to be, stay true to yourself, explore and make what YOU want!

I especially liked the Talkshow between Fons Schiedon and David O’Reilly, what was meant to be a talk about inspiration, became a showdown of truly bizarre and sick works from all over the world. Movie clips, snippets of porn and pieces of animation were all wrapped into a humorous, often awkward, dialogue between Fons and David. The Art of ‘Wrongness’!

This years’ titles came out of the sick mind of animator/director/designer Fons Schiedon. With Post Panic on the production it turned out to be on of the most creative festival titles ever made.  Wether you like it or not, they are a definitely a fresh, new approach. No slick 3D, no heavy sound design, skilled typography or layers and layers of post. It looks like a surreal movie, a part of a series you’ve missed. Fons cleverly hid the titles in the dialogue of the film.



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Harm van Zon

animator + motion graphic designer @ onesize



dear god


Don’t want to be rude …. but this is just awful.
Tell me again, why is this on motionographer?


I’ts in motionographer because there’s still hope for pieces with some kind of interest besides brainless derivative motion graphics videos. The mograph world is so endogamic that makes me want to become a waiter for the rest of my life.

Will MacNeil

Wow, someone’s using they’re Word-a-day calendar. I agree with the sentiment though.


I’m sorry, but that video is just terrible. I mean.. REALLY unwatchable.

Harm van Zon

I think it shows a fresh approach to titles. It’s idea based, not FX based. You can argue about the way it is executed, but that’s not really the issue I think. I like the freakyness and the small hints to the artist/art world in it. In the end it all comes down to taste. I’ve seen some really good executed Titles with no story/idea at all, which I think is also a waste of time.


In my opinion the idea is nice, but not THAT specia enoughl to compensate the visual part of it.


Just because nobody understands you doesn’t make you an artist.

Richard - The Video Dolly Guy

But still a lot of so called artists want to take this “short cut”

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