Edouard Salier Attacks Again

What a year Edouard Salier and his crew at Digital District has had! From big work for Coke to indie music videos for Massive Attack, Edouard rises through ranks as one of the more prolific and versatile 3D-animation storytellers of the moment. In association with RSA, Atlas, his prequel to Splitting the Atom, is an evolution of this dark, post-apocalyptic world which builds on both its narrative and abstract, 3D aesthetic.

Artist: Massive Attack ‘Atlas Air’
Directed by Edouard Salier
Produced by: Edouard Salier, Svana Gisla and David Danesi
Production Company: Black Dog Films and Digital District Paris
CGI: Jean Lamoureux, Emilie Caudroit, Rémi Gamiette, Kevin Monthureux, Jimmy Cavé, Romuald Caudroit and Thomas Marquet.
2D: David Sapyyapy, Lou Menais, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka.
Art & Compositing: Julien Michel, Xavier Reye and Damien Martin.
Record Company: Virgin Records
Commissioner: Svana Gisla
Special thanks to Henrique Vale, Aymeric Vin-Ramarony,
Filipe Jardim, Amandine Moulinet and Olivier Gajan.

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is it just me or do others not see a connection between the music and the visuals either?

there’s quite bit of shit going on but honestly most often the “less is more” does apply.

putting that much of visual information does not make a great piece but that said i do appreciate the CG work that went into this.


I understand what you are saying, but i think music videos now days are kind of a platform for experiment. This piece made sense to me in the sense that both the music and the video image are synthetic in nature.

Patrick Smith

Nice! I thought, as a piece, the first one was quite boring. I didn’t get into the mood of it.

This is really cool, the visuals mesh well with the music, and they pull off a fantastic mood.

Carlos Gálvez

Strange but absolutely magnetic


My god my brain melted from pure awesomeness.

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