Vinicius Costa updates

Vinicius Costa updates.



I don’t know if my internet connection is sucking today but his website is taking a long time to load the contents. Wonderful work anyway. =]


Agreed. All these instant gratification Vimeo embeds have spoiled me.
What I did see looked fantastic, though.


Sorry guys that it is running a little slow today, I am not a webmaster, I`ll do my best to fix that, thanks for all the comments. My website is my personal artistic representation, i try to show my work in the best quality possible, i`ll think over how to improve it , thanks again.


We have 35Mb/s internet here at work and this site is still slow. Beautifully crafted work but would definitely rethink the site. cheers


It’s slow, same here.

World – class art direction though. Super nice.

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