Friday Mix: Radium Audio

Wake up. It’s Friday. The weekend is so near you can smell it. Granted, it smells like beer and cigarettes, but you still need it. More importantly, you need music to go with your beer and cigarettes. And that’s where we come in.

We are pleased to release another exclusive mix of music for your pre-weekend pleasure, this time curated and shaped by the wizards at London-based Radium Audio. In their words:

Our focus is crafting the music and sounds around a “snap shot.” Imagine opening your window in East London—this is what you would hear… from people’s cars, flats and headphones. It’s not definitive… just a slice… enjoy… the Dalston Ponys Nov 2010.

Strap on your phones and imagine a gin and tonic just within reach.

Radium Audio Mix Nov 10 Motionographer Exclusive by Radium-Audio

Image by massdistraction