MTV 55DSL + EMA 2010

These all came out at the same time, so we thought we’d do a short and sweet round-up post showcasing everything!

First we have five new broadcast IDs showcasing MTV’s first creative collaboration with 55DSL. Inspired by a new series of streetwear designs based on the five senses — touch, sight, sound, smell, taste — with the sixth design representing 55DSL’s special 5.5th sense.

“Touch”, directed by Alex Trochut & Physalia
“Sight”, directed by ILoveDust
“Hearing”, directed by James Roper & Universal Everything
“Smell”, directed by Tei & 3DCG Director
“Taste”, directed by Yué Wu, DivisionParis & Digital Dirstrict

Last but not least, MTV also recently dropped 3 IDs for this year’s EMA Madrid spanish mograph powerhouse Dvein brilliantly handled the graphics for this year’s MTV EMA Madrid.

Update: Dvein just put out a press release filled with extra info, sketches, styleframes and cool stuff about the project. Download it here.

Pure awesomeness!