Maxim Zhestkov for MTV Australia

Maxim Zhestkov for MTV Australia.



People do not like art, people like bling or eye candies.
I still see Caza and Moebius illustrations in his work.

A marvel.


I’m a bit surprised this made it up here, can’t see anything that justifies it.


I’m a big fan of his work. He’s definitely got his own thing going on. This particular piece might not be the biggest evolution though. When I saw the still frame I thought maybe we’d get to see him trying to take a bigger leap. Still, I’m a fan. Watching his stuff challenges me to try to think way more abstract than I do.


what’s wrong with eyecandy?


This guy is great for achieving its own personal style, that happens to be cloned all over the world thanks to our inspiration facts.
Cut the hate.


Critical is not a byword for hate. Its what pushes anything forward. Maxim’s work is well crafted and deserves the attention it gets.

All work should make us think about the application and processes we, as motion artists use. Its the stuff that makes us excited. This latest piece here does less so.


All of his other works are impressive for sure, this one… not so much.

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