Two new shorts, “Meet Buck” and “Salesmen Pete,” have emerged from France by a group of extremely talented filmmakers coupled together on the same site.

“Meet Buck,” directed by Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval, Vincent E Sousa, Laurent Monneron, takes us on an exquisitely designed and perfectly paced piece of storytelling featuring an antler-laden hero in search of some quality time with his girlfriend.  Just when you thought things were cool, enter: her dad, the hunter—and the real fun begins.

“Salesmen Pete” directed by Marc Bouyer, Max Loubaresse, Anthony Vivien, takes us on an equally intense ride as we follow a government enhanced super-agent out to stop thieving bad guys who now control an extraordinary magic stone. This ride is chocked full of fun characters, fast-paced action and spot-on design and animation. You gotta love it.

Be sure to check the Salesmen Buck site, under gallery, to find some cool process work on “Meet Buck,” and also check out this entire blog dedicated to Salesmen Pete and its process.

Meet Buck:

Denis Bouyer

Yann De Preval

Vincent E Sousa
(Rigging reel :​13957690)

Laurent Monneron

Sound Design: Julien Begault

Music : Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine

Salesmen Pete :

Marc Bouyer

Max Loubaresse

Anthony Vivien

Music: Cyrille Marchesseau

Sound Design: Mael Vignaux

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Top Nacho. The rigs are amazing. More please.


Thank you very much for the article and the comments !
You can also read an interview here :

Thank you again,
Denis Bouyer.


spot on perfect fun!


you need to pitch this b*tch to like CN….Technical direction is f*king one-hundo…I did wish there was more character development to the Salesman…….Its like you know when you compare to like Powerpuff girls, the girls still have more character to play with… You know its like they are girls, but they puffing it with power. Or like a Sponge under the fakin sea….Anyways, you know where I am getting at? The dude just fights bad guys for fun, like wtf? It just seems if the salesman went further he would just do something random on future episodes. Just a thought.

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