“Crowd Sourcing” with Ed Banger & We Are From LA for Cassius

We Are From LA have teamed up with Ed Banger to create this iphone app, lip-synced, cameo-laden video for Cassius’ “I Love You So” with a teched-out nod to Jonas and Francois’ early collaboration with the label for D.A.N.C.E.

As the dirty word “crowd-source” continues to permeate client-speak and trend-casts, it’s refreshing to see work that empowers its audience while still possessing some creative control. Not just a music video, this film promotes the app itself (download here) and acts as a guide to building a community of fans who are submitting their own videos.

Following the sentiment of Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin’s hugely successful Johnny Cash Project, this piece builds a foundation and uses technology to give people the tools needed to become active within the narrative. As linear content continues to share a larger piece of the pie with it’s constantly-evolving, interactive sibling; these type of projects prove that it is not a battle but a collaborative dialogue.

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We Are From L.A. seemed to have copied We Are EVB from S.F.

Check out this Wrigley’s Juicey Fruit Iphone App and Video. evb.com

Nothing new here. Just totally robbery. Usually isn’t advertising lifting ideas from music videos and not the other way around?

This music video WAS great though, definitely loved it.

But something is fishy here.


And what happend with this:


The same concept, also the other of the fruits its just the same too!!


Then there is this little diddy i whipped up for the band Tanya Morgan that premiered on MTV U for 24 hours every hour on the hour back in the summer of 09.Just sayin.

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