Get Down With Mekanism and their mini Danny Trejo

San Francisco’s multi-disciplinary powerhouse, Mekanism, brings us a theatrical, stop-motion interpretation of ‘Machete’ as seen through the eyes of Danny Trejo.

Working directly with their client, Pepsi/Brisk, the folks at Mekanism banged out a clever script that condenses the entire film into one minute. It’s then met with equally engaging visuals and transitions that keep perfect pace with Danny’s punchy and digressive spoken performance.

Then he washes his hands…

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Executive Creative Director/Director
Ian Kovalik Executive Producer Jason Harris Producer Jon Derovan
Head of Production Mat Lundberg Producer Sasha Korellis Production
Coordinator Susan Ali Director of Client Strategy Michael Zlatoper
Intergrated Producer Bud Johnston Director Of Content Production
Tim Rayel Creative Director/Writer Andre Ricciardri Art Director
Dieter Wiechmann ANIMATION DEPARTMENT Animation Director Misha
Klein Animator Richard Zimmerman Animator Amy Adamy Animator Scott
Kravitz Animator Justin Kohn Animator Webster Colcord Asst.
Animator Matt Manning Design Director Emmett Feldman Storyboard
Artist Shepherd Hendrix CAMERA/LIGHTING DEPARTMENT Director of
Photography Peter Williams SET DESIGN Production Designer Fon Davis
Art Director Pierre Maurer POST PRODUCTION Visual Effects
Supervisor Colin Miller Creative Editor Michael Tuomey CG Modeler
Seryong Kim Online Editor/Spy Post Darren Orr Lead Nuke Artist Ben
Hawkins Nuke Artist Jason Arrieta Nuke Artist Daphne
Apellanes-Ackerson Nuke Artist Fabian Elmers Nuke Artist Jun Kim
CLIENT Sr. Director Pepsi Lipton Partnership Brand Marketing
Marisol Tamaro Director Pepsi Lipton Partnership Brand Marketing
Eric Fuller Brand Manager Pepsi Lipton Partnership Jamal