Chris Kelly Launches New Reel

Chris Kelly (from Autofuss) launches a juicy new reel!


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Daniel Coutinho

Daniel lives in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife. Originally from Brazil, he is currently at Buck.

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Looks great Chris! Nice choice of music.


why are reels like this being featured on motionographer these days? seems like its just a company reel for Autofuss. that company looks great. i cant be the only person that does not understand what “juice to the moon” means either.


yes, you are the only person that doesn’t understand, but you are entitled to your opinion of course.

five stars from me. so much style and finesse!


“animate like there’s no tomorrow, throw keyframes to the wind and juice to the moon.” is this the explanation? please explain this Monovich. i never said the work wasnt good, the work is great.


its like any song lyric. it doesn’t have to be literal to “mean” something.


if you click “juice to the moon”, there is an explanation

companies reels are made by the people in them


nice job chris!

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