Tronic + Brandfirst: Yahoo! Trail of Tiles

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Commissioned by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners for Yahoo!.

Additional details from the press release:

The sequence opens with an attract mode – the “Yahoo! logo composed of stacked tiles. As you walk by the display begins to interact with you, the tiles slowly following to catch your attention. At this point most people stop and look. Then, even a simple movement, like shifting your shoulders or raising your arms, will cause the tiles to mimic your movements.

Yahoo!’s agency Goodby Silverstein Partners commissioned Tronic, telling them is was important that there be no instructions whatsoever. Rather, people should discover the display’s almost lifelike quality on their own, play with it, and become familiar with its response patterns. “You actually build a sort of relationship with the display,” said Tronic co-founder Vivian Rosenthal. “People told us repeatedly that it was great not to have instructions because it enabled them to explore the interface and discover its characteristics on their own terms.”

Having engaged the display, your gestures and hand movements will sculpt the tiles, moving them around, piling them up, even pushing them off the screen. “Whatever one’s movements, the tiles follow your gestures and move to your body shape,” said Tronic partner Jesse Seppi. “Or, for example, by extending your arms wide you can cause some tiles to actually fly off the edges of the screen.


Jesse Seppi & Vivian Rosenthal – Co-founders
Brian Camp – Executive Producer
Jason Sonner – Executive Producer
Dade Orgeron – Creative Director
Sam Blalark – Simulation Artist
Joe Grundfast – 3D Generalist
Kieran Belshaw – 2D Animator
Aras Darmawan – 2D Animator

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