Part two of the three-part speaker trilogy!   This second group of artists speak directly to the larger design community in their breadth and approach. It can be narrative live action or cultural live mash-up. Robotics or digital flesh.  Danger Doom or Chiller. They all give exquisite life to an image. And provide us with a new set of specs to see through.

  • Radical Friend: acclaimed experimental//experiential directing duo
  • Onesize: creative studio powerhouse
  • Eclectic Method: audiovisual remix masters with culture on their minds
  • Heather Knight: innovator of robotic entertainment
  • Jacob Escobedo: celebrated network exec-cum-designer behind [adult swim], Cartoon Network, and a whole slew of musical projects
  • Tool of North America: leading the new wave of interactive storytelling
We couldn’t be any happier with the overall line-up so far. The imagination they share — the messages they speak — the moments they design — each speaker is a catalyst for us to create with fearless expression and dedication.

Now, with less than two months left and tickets already flying away, we ask you to come along for the ride. Head over to the site for more information!