This is My Weapon

Brilliant writing, brilliant execution. Imaginary Forces hits a bullseye for agency Mullen and client FVAP.


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Awesome concept – I think the VO/writing is from the movie, Full Metal Jacket?


ya… “Brilliant writing” … do yer homework.

Justin Cone

The brilliance is in pairing the Rifleman’s Creed with the concept behind the spot. Yes, that counts as writing.

Amazing that such blatant douchery can be so easily traced to your identity though, Chris. I appreciate that.


Another mind-blowing spot from IF. Well done!
The VO is actually from the Rifleman’s Creed which is part of the basic US Marine Corps doctrine. It was written during World War II.


Excellent, mind blowing and stunning, like always from Imaginary Forces!


Very clever and so nicely executed. I’m a huge fan shiny CG, and you guys nailed it.


What really really and I mean *really* spoiled it is the preview images on the homepage that give away that it is a pen straight away. I think it’s stupid to use images that give away the whole point of the animation and bring your thing down like this.


nice texturing.

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