Virgilio Villoresi: Moleskine Perspectives

Here’a a nice little forced-perspective spot from Virgilio Villoresi and Neue Big. There’s many more in-camera tricks in his portfolio, including the photo heavy viral video for fashion label Dsquared2 and the Lou Rhodes’s “The Rain” music video, made with Erica il Cane. His work reminds me of Zbig Rybcynski, Virgil Widrich, and David Russo – a playful change of pace.

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Simon Robson

Lashings of fun!


had potential to be more clever. felt pretty sparse to me. and looked like he went with his first take on some of these shots, kind of clumsy, needs more love in my opinion. such a great start though and can’t wait to see something like this taken to the next level! opening shot was really cool and unexpected

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