Chris Milk, Aaron Koblin, Mirada, North Kingdom, Google: 3 Dreams of Black

Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin, who brought you The Johnny Cash Project and The Wilderness Downtown, are back with a lovely new dynamic music video for Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi’s Spaghetti Western-inspired concept album ROME. With help from Mirada, North Kingdom, and the folks at Google, the music video for 3 Dreams of Black further tests the realtime dynamic abilities of the web to give unique, artfully directed experiences.

Personally, I’m excited that Milk and Koblin are emphasizing how the open-source nature of these tools can help grow a community that will create even more experiments in the future. On the tech end, it does require Google Chrome and not all graphics cards are supported, including the desktop I first tried this out on :(. There’s still a lot of goodies and documentation on the website, so go explore.

HTML5 “experiences” seem to be popping up more and more, for example the new desktop version of Smith & Foulkes’ The Chase. As we move forward, will learning how to work with dynamic systems, rather than locked thirty or sixty second films become a necessary part of our workflow? Also- what does it say about us when the first thing someone does, after finding out that they can contribute to a landscape, is create a 1-up mushroom?




when I recognized mr. doob’s clouds I knew this was going to be awesome! :)


for some reason this seems like a platform we will all be creating for in a few years or less.

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