Polynoid: Loom

Yes, Polynoid‘s long-awaited short Loom is finally online. And it’s amazing! The plot is as simple as “a moth being caught in a spider’s web”, yet such trivial event is narrated under the most peculiar point of view, rich in incredible visual details, intense sound design, realism and abstractness finely balanced together.

Polynoid has been around since 2007, won several awards since then and it’s another great example of collectives that put their effort on doing experimental projects. They made Loom in 2010, while still students at Filmakademie BW. Do check the page for more, including full credits.

Editor’s note: Amazing audio work by Joel Corelitz

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perfectly crafted, but too much for me, of everything.


elaborate please


Oh… my… god.



saw this at ITFS stuttgart on a big screen. Go watch it at a festival if you can. Otherwise shut your blinds, fullscreen it and crank up your sound. -no laptop speakers allowed :)

Ayhan Cebe

woww!! amazing piece and sound design..


nice job guys!

Execution “BAM!”. Conceptually “ish”


The sound is awesome!

Well crafted animation, composition, but the sound sold me.
Yeah! Good sound work, and the decay of the victim was well matched by the granular noises. .

Good job.


absolutely visually stunning and the sound design is amazing. loving seeing studios make their own shorts films. love it.


I loved how it got me from “meh” to “omg! wtf did I just watch :O”


brilliant in every way. completely TENSE and dark, detailed and …. i’m stunned. The sound… OMG!

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