Edouard Salier & Digital District for Justice ‘Civilization’

Despite his hectic commercial career, Edouard Salier always seems to find the time for passion projects (see Massive Attack’s ‘Atlas Air‘ and ‘Splitting the Atom‘ as some recent examples) that are delivered with the same scope and precision as his more healthily funded films.

This piece is, what is evolving to be, classic Salier. Abstract, iconic and visually reduced narratives balanced with lush, textural details that tackle tales of mythic proportion. Take a few minutes out from your Friday to take a journey through the history of civilization as realized via Edouard and a pack of wild Buffalo.

(credits coming soon)

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c’est superbe!


Lovely and magnific!


I cannot even imagine the stress involved in creating a successful Justice video. Pretty much the entire world would eat you for lunch if it was lame. In a world that over uses the word “epic”, this one actually deserves the description.


In a time where music videos have become irrelevant, works like this make you believe again. Amazing.

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