Jon Balcome: “Bird” A Decent Animal

From the site:

“Bird” is the thesis film/music video of Jon Balcome, an MFA Visual Effects student at Savannah College of Art and Design, and was created through the collaborative efforts of 39 students and 2 crew members of Option D Films.

And a little about Mr. Balcome:

I have always dreamed of creating something that would really get people’s minds churning and feel that I definitely accomplished that to a certain extent with “Bird”.

After I leave Savannah (LA bound!), I know that I will probably be taking direction from someone else for at least the next several years while beginning my career as a visual effects art, so I decided to seize this opportunity to create something where I could have full creative freedom in art direction/concept of the piece. There are some amazing resources here at SCAD (software, film equipment, RED cameras, talented people, etc) and I wanted to take full advantage of what was available to me.

Check out the film’s site for much more info, including breakdowns and concept development details.

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Thanks for posting this! It is an honor to have it up on Motionographer. Is there anyway to get you guys to correct the spelling of my name to “Jon” rather than “John”? At least you got my last name right. 3D World Magazine spelled it “Balcombe”. HaH!! Thanks again!

Justin Cone

Got it! Sorry about that!

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