Conan O’Brien’s editors on Final Cut X

Conan O’Brien’s editors on Final Cut X. (Thanks, Gideon!)

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Apple disregard for what “it” considers “old” is well documented.
Balls is what you cannot accuse Apple’s engineers of lacking.

Change ain’t always fun.
Drastic ones are even worst.

Will Apple bow?
Stubborn as “they” are?
I think NO.


…Find out tonight at 11pm after Two and 1/2 Men here on channel 4

Sergei Sokolov

The video was removed, but here it’s still live:


hey Justin can you replace the main post with this vid? it’s the official from team coco :)


I don’t mind adapting to new software, but after using FCPX for about a half day the file structuring has completely changed – this really hurts alot of studios that have networks in place for Final Cut 7 or earlier.

It is kind of amazing that it has over 1000 reviews in the App store and has a rating 2 1/2 stars. That is alot of other instantly unhappy users.


Conan and his staff quite simply, ROCK.


FCP X IS FU X. Get it right next time Apple.. Please.

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