Going Deep: Doc2Dock “Save Our Supplies”

We posted the cleverly crafted Save Our Supplies promo for non-profit Doc2Dock back in March. Since then, the film has given a huge boost to the organization and helped get thousands of medical supplies to those who need them in the developing world.

It was produced by Shilo for (now defunct) agency Modernista, with direction by Cassidy Gearhart and Julian King (In Secret Agreement) and graphic design by Michael Cina.

It’s a rare and awesome treat when the designers and filmmakers behind a project have the time and energy to share their process with the world. Read on for a detailed look inside the minds of Cassidy Gearhart, Julian King and Michael Cina.

Read the interview and check out making-of videos…

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cool making of

Bran Dougherty-Johnson

Great insight into the process of making this excellent spot! Thanks for following up on this. Nicely done.


Great idea and great video. Creativity is unbeatable and makin time off when you realize the great job out there. Congratulations to the creators.

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