Umbro — Blackout

Fantastic b&w cell animation for Umbro — Blackout. By Buck.



Love this — reminds me so much of Geoff McFetridge


As often the case with buck there are some obvious influences (in this case Geoff McFetridge and Saul Steinberg)  I wonder if their directors were credited whether they would hide their inspirations a little more? As always though, they rise above it and make something awesome. Great storytelling!


Speaking to this point, i was the principal director on the spot. All of the drawings were produced as a partnership between myself and Chris Neal. If you study his site, you will see that his original style is the driving force to all of the art direction.


Didn’t mean to denigrate – maybe i’m just jealous! Its a super beautiful piece. And Chris Neal’s work looks awesome too 

Paulo Muppet

This is so amazing it hurts. I love Buck’s 2D films, long live all their incredible team.



Régis Camargo

Really digging this spot by BUCK (NY). It deserves multiple viewings.

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