CineSkates Camera Sliders

CineSkates Camera Sliders look like they fill a nice niche in between the diy skateboard/wheel chair and a full-on awesome pocket dolly.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson : Happiness

Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s piece entitled “Happiness” for the NY projected art installation project Electric Projected. The piece was based on Erik Otto’s artwork. Sound by Antfood.

Dreamers Ink Aesthetics updates

Dreamers Ink Aesthetics refreshes with a new site and new work. Also check out the site for DIA’s founder, Mitch Paone, for music and more… Read more

Johnny Kelly: Back to the Start

Chipotle? Yes, Chipotle. In an effort to raise awareness concerning food issues and promote sustainable food systems, they’ve commissioned Back to the Start, a short… Read more

Piranha Bar: Toyota Prius

Piranha Bar reminisces about childhood toys for Toyota Prius. (Via brandj.)

Impactist: Plants and Animals EP Promos

Promo for “East (Original Sketch)” We love seeing self-initiated personal projects, so it’s a thrill to see another round of short, sweet, imaginative promos from… Read more

Wacom Inkling

The future keeps getting closer: the Wacom Inkling. Sketch with a pen on paper, and the strokes are recorded digitally for further editing.

Compressed 02

Who would of thought taking a bubble bath could be so beautiful? (Thanks, Arvid.)

Kristofer Ström: 16bit’s “Dinosaurs”

Kristofer Ström directs and animates a DUBSTEP DINO ATTACKKKKK for 16bit’s “Dinosaurs.” And he made some wallpapers for your desktop, too!

Mill Touch

The Mill NY has crafted quite an elaborate and astonishing way for visitors to their office to engage with their work with Mill Touch. With… Read more

NYC Mograph Meetup

NYC Mograph Meetup, 8 pm on August 31 at Mary O’s (32 Avenue A).

Echolab updates

Sound design studio Echolab updates with slick work for Disney, Nike and more.

Jim Henson’s Time Piece

There’s more to Jim Henson than Kermit the Frog; Design blog writes about Henson’s 1964 oscar-nominated montage, Time Piece

Joy of Destruction

Xaver Xylophon & Laura Junger murder several innocent paper cutouts in this stopmo short exploring the dark side of human behavior.

Melissa Power of Love

The stop-motion short Melissa Power of Love took 350,000 Post-It notes, 25 artists and five days months to complete. (Thanks, Dom!)

Léonard Cohen: Plato

Plato by Léonard Cohen. Made at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif and winner of Best Graduation Film at Annecy 2011.

Robert Showalter: Origins

Origins by Robert Showalter. Senior thesis at Ringling College of Art and Design. Music by Cody Cook.

Take Your Medicine

Nader Husseini of Radium/Reel FX directs Transfer’s “Take Your Medicine” music video.