Rick Mereki: Move, Eat, Learn

Nice execution in this triptych love letter to travel. Move, Eat, Learn. Made by Rick Merek, Tim White, and Andrew Lees.

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Chris Roth

very well done, but there is a certain trust fund vibe im getting from this which irks me… but I suppose im just jealous.


i feel the same, trust fund vibe. Surely was a nice trip, but the video looks much to clean and perfect.

Jérémie Battaglia

in fact it’s an ad for STA Australia (travel agency?)… I’m kind of fed up with all this amazing video who are just advertising try to look like “i made this in my garden with my 5d and my best friend who is a top model”

Juan S. Bosnic

I really liked those 3. After I found out about it being an ad… I still liked those 3.

EDIT: actually what I loved was the idea of me doing all that stuff. I might just raise some money and start right away!

Haruka Yabunaka

Those were awesome!! I wanna go to travel right now!

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