Matthew Walker: John & Karen

“About last night… I am sorry.” In Matthew Walker‘s short film, John & Karen, we’re dropped in the midst of a very awkward moment between an earnest polar bear and (justifiably?) aggravated she-penguin. While this film isn’t brand spanking new, or as glossy as our usual content, it is a great example of creating a story with its own small universe through good timing, body language, and just the right bit of dialogue.

And for those of you who also had a rough Friday night, there’s always hope of patching things up.



that was a very cute short film. well done!!

Debanjan Nandy

awesome story telling.Really , a nice sequencial dialogue can always tell so much about characters and emotions.

Well Done!

Li'l Lil

Undeniably gorgeous and hillarious to boot. LOOOVE it. thanks for sharing, Higa!

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