Signal, a sci-fi movie about the formation of life and transformation of dead space into the living organic matter. By Maxim Zhestkov.

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Andrew Griff Griffin

It’s impressive work in that it’s nicely put together with a powerful mood, but to what end? Not singular criticism of this one clip per se but there is a school of work around at the moment that relies on Kubrickian pace and scale and tone without genuine content or message or point or purpose.
It’s a piece of work where it’s clear a lot of effort and talent and time has gone into it’s construction, so why not spend a bit of time contemplating ‘why’ too?



You ask ………without genuine content or message or point or purpose.?
Like i said, instant gratification kills art.

Why there always have to be an end, a start, a middle in a narrative?

You can argue if it worked, but for that you have to understand the message.
Only the message IS codified …

As with all of his personal work, it is more about going back in time, looking up to the stars, digging into the trash can of the cosmos.

Into where we all came from.

… To me he is more akin to Jean “Moebius” Giraud than Kubrick.

Andrew Griff Griffin

I’ve no issue with nuance, or ambiguity, or a lack of ‘answers’, but in this case obscuration is as much of a crutch as a three act structure, and neither guarantees that a piece works. 
For me personally, it looks awesome but suggests nothing of any import. It’s a victim of it’s own atmosphere which undeniably suggests intellectual depth, but it’s a suggestion with no substance.Each to their own though, I very much enjoyed watching it, but was left empty.

Joaquim Nielsen

Awesome graphics, but I must admit that I didn’t get the point. I feel as if the ending is missing somehow… Maybe it’s just me?



Why should he gave you all the answers?
Isn’t that a work of art after all?

Martin Michl

I am a big zhestov fan but feels lame

Oliver Lardner


Andre Foster

Nice but i don’t get it.


Like me.
I think it may be a thing to chew with time. 
Good art as that flavor!
Otherwise WHY look at it twice?

Why instant satisfaction?
Is it fast food?


Stephen Fitz

Is the beam making stars? hmmm.

Ayhan Cebe

Great work as always.. love the sound design as well..




Can you teach in a tutorial what it probably took years to master?The artist better tool is his/her MindEyes.

Perhaps you meant his formulae?

Andrew Hoeveler

I love it. The stars in the sky don’t look unfinished to me. Just another beginning. Which might perhaps be the point.

Andrew Hoeveler

I love it. Stars don’t look unfinished to me. Just another beginning. Which might perhaps be the point.

Vladimir Tomin

Мне эта работа нравится гораздо больше чем предыдущая, и хорошо что ты привлекаешь других людей в помощь, думаю это правильное направление развития. Как всегда с интересом жду следующей работы!

I like this work a lot more than your previous one. Good thing you started to use some people to help, this is definitely the right direction to move to.Waiting for the next one, because with each new work I get to know more what Max is all about!  


This is great, I loved it.  The mood and the mystery pulls you in and makes you want to know more about what the hell is going on and why.  There is no who here yet … are there going to be people, aliens … just machines?  Imagination makes it work.


Another nice job, another waste of time.
What’s the point? just another piece of proof of technical capabilities, so what?

If it’s true that nowadays this job is way harder than 10 years ago, is not only because the amount of technical aspects involved but also because as designer, i.e. who is charge of the communication responsibility, one has to care of the content itself rather then just throw renders for GI sake.
Please, less eye candy pieces, more content.

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