Mikey Please: TV on the Radio’s “Second Song”

This one came out back in April as part of TV on the Radio’s feature film for Nine Types of Light, but I’m still loving the character design and in-camera practical effects. Mikey Please takes his papercrafting wizardry and shows he can smartly (and beautifully) integrate other styles in his music video for TV on the Radio’s “Second Song”. (Hat tip to @tinyinventions.)

Mikey Please

Executive Producer — Myles Payne
Producer — Joe Myers
Animator / Editor / Director of Photography — Mikey Please
Production Designer — Sean Hogan
Model Makers — Immy Webb / Emma Read / Kate bently / Dana Shangery

Additional Modelmakers — Rachel Taylor / Heather Kirk / Anna Czerniawska / Yi hong Ding / Alice Rolf / Joe Park / sara Wiklund / Xuria Cristobal / Felix Treacy / John Wilkinson

Physical effects support
Nigel Howlett / Steve Hutton

Ed Barrett / Matthew Marsh / Mikey Please / Salvo

Filmed at
Clapham Road Studios

Special thanks
Matt Day, Max Halstead and Elizabeth Day