Nathan Love for Sweet N’ Low

Sweet’N Low Cloud Rainbow from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

Sweet’N Low Sun Moon from Nathan Love on Vimeo.

Nathan Love never fails to deliver. In a style reminiscent of ’60s and ’70s pop art, the gang whips up a playful two-spot package for everyone’s favorite saccharin sweetener, Sweet N’ Low. In Cloud Rainbow and Sun Moon, viewers go back in time to an illustrative style evocative of such psychedelic artists as Heinz Edelmann and Peter Max. The director of the spots, Anca Risca, elaborates:

This project was alot of fun! As a first-timer directing a 2D spot, it was exciting to see it all come together and to be a part of the process.

The first step we took was to visualize the scripts into design frames, which were inspired by (and designed to be cohesive with) Sweet’N Low’s previous pattern-heavy print ad campaign. As we began fleshing out the storyboards and animatics, we brainstormed different ideas for the gags and details of the story. What does a cloud store between his puffs alongside his precious zero calorie sweetner? Sugary cupcakes? A horn or drum set? A lamb or a cloud-shaped sheep? The creative felt very free-form, and with such a well-established brand it was refreshing to do away with the traditional commercial product end tag and incorporate it more into the story.

Music for this project was also a big factor for me — I really wanted to capture the light-hearted feeling that these characters carried, and I thought of laid-back ukulele music as my instrument of choice.

With a dream team of only three, animation and finishing happened quickly and smoothly, after which we all had cake and beer! Yaaay.


Charlie Hughes

The first one kinda sorta looks like the ‘sugar’ caused massive internal bleeding pink explosion of vital fluffy-cloud juices.

Brian Walsh

The first thing he pulls out is a horn and the second is a sheep. I think the flying sheep playing horns at the end are there to tell you the sheep grew wings and survived. However, there is no excuse for the cloud being a litter bug.

Charlie Hughes


Rafael Macho

It is a smart visual move for the brand! Oh… Mother is behind it, I see :)


I love the wit and charm of these nostalgic illustrations .  Perfect tone for Sweet N’ Low.

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